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The rapid increase of sophisticated and multifaceted cyber-attacks such as malware attacks and the risk of consequential damage has ushered in a new age for security solutions. Chief information security officer (CISO) and Security leaders need advanced threat detection and response tools to enable their organization to discover and prevent more evasive threats and efficiently resolve security alerts.

The data protection market is evolving rapidly to address new challenges in regards to exponential data growth, rapid digitalization and globalization of business, and data privacy. Effective Data backup and recovery solutions will help organizations to recover from the impact of user errors, application errors, malicious attacks and disaster events.







Real-time Device Assessment and Remediation

Easily audit current system state to track and harden the security posture of all your protected devices

  • Gain visibility into precise details about current state of all devices – on and off the network
  • Close the gap between the security and infrastructure teams, allowing administrators to perform comprehensive investigations and remote remediations
  • Allow administrators to automate ongoing reporting on patch levels, user privileges, disk encryption status, and more to track and maintain a desired posture

Threat Hunting and
Incident Response

Cloud-native threat hunting and incident response (IR) solution delivering continuous visibility for security operation centers (SOC) and IR teams

  • See what happened at every stage of an attack with intuitive attack chain visualizations and uncover advanced threats and minimize attacker dwell time
  • Leverage cloud-delivered threat intelligence and custom watchlists to automate repetitive hunts
  • Isolate infected systems and remove malicious files to prevent lateral movement

Next-Generation Antivirus and Behavioural EDR

Cloud-Native endpoint protection that combines prevention and automated detection to defend against today’s advanced cyber attacks from a single agent and console

  • Block malware, ransomware, non-malware, living off the land and other emerging, never-before-seen attacks automatically, both online and offline
  • Simplify deployment and operations with out-of-the-box policies and easily adapt protection to your organization
  • Visualize every stage of the attack with easy-to-follow attack chain details to uncover root causes in minutes


  • Detects malicious activity of advanced and sophisticated malware within a network
  • On prem installation/setup
  • Health Check Report
  • Transfer of Knowledge
  • Support Services

  • Advanced Malware Threat Detection, Containment &
  • Expedites Incident Response process
  • Mitigates Advanced & Sophisticated Malware Infection within Network
  • Centralized Dashboard & Detailed Reports

  • Cloud based security platform based on DNS filtering
  • Stop Zero-Day attacks
  • Pre & Post infection protection
  • Web filtering
  • DNS Security (all ports and protocols)
  • Next Generation protection using Machine Learning & AI

Professional Services

Threat Centric Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Built with Open-Source architecture this a Malaysia very own ‘ Security Operation Center. Available in two formats - On Demand - Clouds based SOC and SOC in a Box plug and play option.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

MDR services which includes Health Check and report to study the vulnerabilities of your organization. We also provide consultancy to help you mitigate these risk areas and make your organization more secure.

Firewall As A Service (FiaaS)

We provide Firewall as a Service subscription from Cymetrix. These firewalls are protected by over 850+ threat feeds and Cymetrix built policies customized based on your organizational requirements.

Threat Hunter As Service (THaaS)

We provide both SOS and ongoing service towards Threat Hunting and Mitigation. With our own ‘Threat Intelligence Platform’ we will be sending you information twice everyday during the period of engagement.

Zero Trust Threat Intelligence Platform

Cymetrix adopts the ‘Zero Trust’ architecture to provide state of art proactive Threat Intelligence platform in association with ThreatSTOP.e

Disaster Planning & Restoration

Disaster planning and restoration service from Cymetrix will help you build a DR plan for your organization.

Powerful, cost-effective, an easy-to-use yet flexible and robust backup & recovery solution

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