This course is designed for administrators who will be managing the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.3 with Ambari. It covers installation, configuration, and other typical cluster maintenance tasks.


4 days


60% Lecture/Discussion
40% Hands-on Labs

Who is the course for

IT administrators and operators responsible for installing, configuring and supporting an HDP 2.3 deployment in a Linux environment using Ambari.


Students should be familiar with Hadoop and Linux environments.

What you will learn

At the completion of the course students will be able to:

↬ Summarize an enterprise environment including Big Data
↬ Describe Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)
↬ Install HDP
↬ Manage Ambari Users and Groups
↬ Manage Hadoop Services
↬ Manage HDFS Storage
↬ Configure HDFS Storage
↬ Configure HDFS Transparent Data Encryption

↬ Configure the YARN Resource Manager
↬ Submit YARN Jobs
↬ Configure the YARN Capacity Scheduler
↬ Add and Remove Cluster Nodes
↬ Configure HDFS and YARN Rack Awareness
↬ Configure HDFS and YARN High Availability
↬ Monitor a Cluster
↬ Protect a Cluster with Backups

Course Outline

Hands-on Labs

↬ Introduction to the Lab Environment
↬ Performing an Interactive Ambari HDP Cluster Installation
↬ Configuring Ambari Users and Groups
↬ Managing Hadoop Services
↬ Using HDFS Files and Directories
↬ Using WebHDFS
↬ Configuring HDFS ACLs
↬ Managing HDFS
↬ Managing HDFS Quotas
↬ Configuring HDFS Transparent Data Encryption
↬ Configuring and Managing YARN
↬ Non-Ambari YARN Management
↬ Configuring YARN Failure Sensitivity, Work Preserving Restarts, and Log Aggregation Settings

↬ Submitting YARN Jobs
↬ Configuring Different Workload Types
↬ Configuring User and Groups for YARN Labs
↬ Configuring YARN Resource Behavior and Queue
↬ User, Group and Fine-Tuned Resource Management
↬ Adding Worker Nodes
↬ Configuring Rack Awareness
↬ Configuring HDFS High Availability
↬ Configuring YARN High Availability
↬ Configuring and Managing Ambari Alerts
↬ Configuring and Managing HDFS Snapshots
↬ Using Distributed Copy (DistCP)

Training Details


17th - 20th


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


9:00am - 5:00pm (MYT)

Contact Us

T: (+603) 92856711
E: [email protected]

HDP Operations: Hadoop Administration 1