ABYRES is a Leading Enterprise Open-Source Solutions Provider that brings extensive experience, valuable innovation and value to our clients in the areas of :-

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization
  • DevOps & Mobility
  • IT Digitization & Modernization
  • Training, Consulting and Services

ABYRES is well associated with the world leaders such as Red Hat, Hortonworks, EnterpriseDB, Talend, Zmanda and others that brings the power of enabling technologies such as OpenStack, Hadoop, Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Motion, Linux, ETL, Java Middleware, Data Virtualization, PostgreSQL databases, Software Defined Storage, Data Protection and Systems Management to Enterprise Clients.


Operated since 1997 and with its bases in Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya in Malaysia, ABYRES  has since established its position as the Trusted Advisor and the Open Source Technology Partner with the large Enterprise Clients and Public Sector clients.

At ABYRES, we are acutely aware of the intense, competitive and changing nature of the IT landscape … thus, our primary priority is to also provide the very best quality of products and services to our value customers and business partners.

With ABYRES, we have developed strategic-alliances with solutions-providers of hardware and software information-technologies to provide our customers with holistic and comprehensive solutions.


These partnering relationships benefits our customers via our ability to serve specific needs from a broad spectrum of appropriate technologies.

Coupled with ABYRES well-experienced and dedicated staff, we provide right solutions at the right price, justifying our customer’s IT investments and deployments.


Ready, Set and Go for it !!




ABYRES is an Enterprise Open Source Solution Provider:

  • Bridges Emerging and Enabling Technologies that serves the local, regional and international markets;
  • Remarkable with a holistic and integrated with internationally branded systems in enterprise-class open-sourced solutions.
  • Empowering when maintaining high-quality solutions, as you embrace open-source technologies with enhance service-support; and
  • Superior and cost-effective enterprise-class open-source solutions that maximize the customer’s mission- and business-critical metrics.

You now have a “Trusted Partner”

  • The ability to provide appropriate technological-sound products & services, systems & solutions with knowledge & processes that addresses customers’ unique set of current and future demands;
  • The ability to partner International Companies that allows ABYRES access to holistic and comprehensive resources to conduct concept to deployment designs, development and delivery;

  • The ability to strike strategic alliances that streamlines product and service deliveries;
  • The ability to commit to collaborative arrangements that serves customers effectively and efficiently to ensure high levels of quality;
  • The ability to source from previous experiences that aggregates knowledge on a variety of project types and complexity to provide our customers with the comfort of a proven and successful project deployment and completion;
  • The ability to source from our experienced- and well-trained staff that reduces the need for internal cross-referencing within our organization; and
  • The ability as a medium-sized organization that allows communication at all levels of staff which flows smoothly and this enables the Managers as well as the Technicians and Subject-Matter Experts, to provide a comprehensive and thorough enterprise-class, open sourced solution-provisioning to customers.



Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam

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