Open Source Technologies and Innovations in mobile technology change how mobile workers has access to enterprise information and how they collaborate on the go.

With Mobile and Analaytics, huge business transformations are underway to change how organizations connect with consumers, employees and partners. Abyres, leading Open Source Solution provider, helps organizations undertake these transformations to enable enterprises to go farther.

Today, we witness a major shift to mobility as the main technological focus of Information Technology (IT) development, as a new network structure and as a facilitator of business activity.

Studies show that growing mobile technologies fundamentally changes how mobile workers communicate and how they coordinate everyday activities with each other and with office-based colleagues and man- agers.

Enterprise Mobility Platform

Leveraging open technologies and open standards, Abyres enables enterprises to develop and deploy mobile applications in an agile methodology. Centralisation, security, back-end integrations, and policy management are the key to the platform.

Data Services Bus

Facilitates data for mobile application deployment.

  • Data Virtualization – Data federation and abstraction service layer for Mobility, enable access to data sources.
  • ESB Proxy – Reverse proxy capabilities to integrate with current SOA environment, enable mobile app access to backend systems.
  • Database – Provide enterprise database facilities for applications.

Mobile App Platform

  • Application – The actual application for ABYRES Mobility
  • Services & Runtime – Application facilities (push notification, authentication etc) and Application runtime support (Java, PHP, .NET etc)
  • Platform-as-a-Service – OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service platform as resource manager and application container for Mobility applications. All application tier components are running on top of this PaaS technology. Provides elasticity and scaling (up and down) capabilities based on application resources requirements

Mobile App Client

  • Mobile Application frontend & library development framework
  • Mobile Application Library powered by Aerogear – covering security, connectivity, offline & storage and performance and integration
  • Aerogear is then wrapped by Apache Cordova and Ionic for hybrid mobile app front end – developed using javascript, HTML 5 and CSS

MBaaS integration

Easy-to-build, reusable back-end integration enhances productivity and drives efficient reuse of complex backend connections for developers and IT.


User authentication, encryption, centralized control, and discrete user access to projects and resources increases the security of mobile app development and integration with enterprise systems.

Control and innovation

IT increases control and visibility over back-end integration, security, and policy management while the business drives mobile innovation.

Agility and speed to market

Support for common toolkits, frameworks, and DevOps results in faster development—through continuous deployment cycles—and brings competitive business advantage.


Defined mobile projects, role-based access, and application life-cycle management increases effective collaboration by app development teams whether in-house, outsourced, or both.


Use of open technologies, standard toolkits, Node.js modules, microservice-based architecture, and a range of deployment options supports continuous innovation, development, and deployment.

Information anywhere

Support mobile reporting via mobile devices, tablets, web and desktop anywhere for customer to get latest report. Ability to support hybrid multiplatform for future mobile application development.

The Future is Open

Using open source and open standards-based technologies ensuring interoperability, internal and 3rd party integration as well as no vendor lock-in for customer mobile solutions.

Extendable & Reusable

Leveraging familiar and current technologies such as Java, HTML5 and SQL-based database technologies to extend enterprise backend to support mobility platform. Ensure support and reusability of mobile infrastructure in the future.

Leverage Current Investment

Mobile becomes another channel for customer application and service delivery, leveraging current infra and data systems.