You need to move to the cloud—at some point.

Deploying applications to the cloud has many benefits, but when you do it should be up to you. Proprietary middleware can tie you to a particular delivery model or approach. Red Hat JBoss Middleware helps ease you into the cloud whenever you're ready.

Your legacy middleware cannot keep up with new technology requirements.

Organizations must be able to provide solutions that incorporate and support social, mobile, big data, and cloud computing—and whatever's next. Modular architecture and community innovation in Red Hat JBoss Middleware let you incorporate these new technologies and deliver applications to market quickly and effectively.

Your developers need to be more productive across the development cycle.

Developers need speed. They need to develop and deploy new applications—and update and redeploy their existing applications—faster. Red Hat JBoss Middleware's broad set of tooling capabilities, fast startup times, and superior support allow developers and architects to focus creative energies on innovations that truly differentiate your business.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware can help you innovate more quickly, speed up your time to market, and unlock the value of your existing IT assets while lowering your costs and risk. Take advantage of:

  • Faster Innovation.
    With the right tools and technology, productivity soars. You have the freedom to focus more time and resources delivering new solutions. Greater agility leads to faster innovation.
  • Lighter weight.
    From modular architectures that let you choose just what you need, to blazing-fast startup times, to embeddable platforms that can be deployed in remote branches or devices, Red Hat JBoss Middleware is lightweight—letting you quickly and easily unlock the value of existing IT assets.
  • Lower cost and risk.
    With acquisition costs about 10th that of proprietary competitors, Red Hat JBoss Middleware delivers a fully supported enterprise-class, open source middleware portfolio with less risk of lock-in, lower barriers to entry and exit, and the flexibility to deploy new versions without additional license costs.

For enterprise IT professionals who must build mission-critical solutions to differentiate and ensure their organization''s success, Red Hat JBoss Middleware lets enterprises innovate faster, in a smarter way.

Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere with our cloud-ready, enterprise Java EE platform

You need to rapidly deliver new products and services to your customers and partners to stay competitive. But with limited resources and assets across hybrid cloud environments, you struggle to both meet new requirements and efficiently maintain existing systems.

Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), a market-leading*, fully certified Java™ EE platform, gives you a single platform to quickly develop and deploy applications.

On-premise, virtual, or cloud?
It's your choice.

With Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, you decide when it's time to move your applications from on-premise to cloud environments, such as OpenShift by Red Hat.

Use traditional Red Hat JBoss EAP to gain business agility with your existing applications and reduce the costs of proprietary platforms.

The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) instance of our Java EE application platform, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for xPaaS, provides the same Java EE 6 support for your OpenShift cloud applications, with the enterprise performance, reliability, and security you rely on from our traditional application platform.

Don't start from scratch or compromise with limited web profiles when moving to the cloud. Get the best out of both development and operations and quickly build enterprise-grade Java applications in a streamlined PaaS environment.

Accelerate app development the modern way

Reduce, improve, accelerate, and benefit

These organizations did it and so can you.

6.9 weeks of development time saved. 70% greater developer productivity. 79.5% less cost to manage apps.


On premise or in the cloud, a single Java EE application platform

Accelerate your time to market

Keep pace with rapid line-of-business requests for new and updated applications.

Achieve world-class developer productivity

Develop fast with a lean Java EE 6-supported platform and a wide range of developer tools that promotes productivity and responsiveness.

Be nimble with DevOps

Bring your operations and development teams closer together using DevOps practices, which includes continuous development, testing, and integration tooling.

Develop and deploy full Java EE apps in the cloud

Prototype and launch applications fast in OpenShift by Red Hat and other cloud environments.

Manage with flexibility

Programmatically manage your applications and automate processes as you build and integrate with your own management tools and technologies.

Maintain reliability, security, and stability

Innovate while meeting performance, compliance, security, and regulatory requirements.


Integrate everything—fast

The information powering your business is spread across multiple applications and processes. You need an effective, cost-efficient, adaptive, and faster way to integrate applications, data, and devices within your enterprise for a successful digital transformation.

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is a lightweight, flexible integration platform that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise—on-premise or in the cloud. JBoss Fuse includes modular integration capabilities, a new style enterprise service bus (ESB), to unlock information.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse for xPaaS extends the capabilities to our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, OpenShift by Red Hat, for integration services in the cloud.

Connect all your information sources, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, on-premise apps, custom apps, devices, and other data sources using Red Hat JBoss Fuse connectors.


Easily connect enterprise assets

  1. Create and connect application programming interfaces (APIs) quickly using intuitive tooling. Develop faster connected solutions using enterprise integration patterns included with Apache Camel.
  2. Debug integration services for higher-quality solutions. Develop, test, collaborate, and find problems earlier using a more-responsive platform.
  3. Connect legacy services, on-premise apps, SaaS apps, API's, and data using standard connectivity provided by more than 150 included connectors.
  4. Transform data to and from different sources using the included transformers in Apache Camel or through the graphical mapper.

JBoss Data Virtualization


Transform data scattered in various silos into actionable information at business speed

Organizations no longer suffer from a lack of data; they’re suffering from lack of the right data, at the right time. Start treating your data less as a static warehouse and more as a dynamic supply chain. With a data supply chain, you get just-in-time processing capabilities that can bring together data from multiple sources, easily accommodate new data sources, and transform the data according to data consumers' needs.

Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization is a data supply and integration solution that sits in front of multiple data sources and allows them to be treated as single source, delivering the needed data—in the required form—at the right time to any application or user.

Rethinking data integration

The need to simplify information is driving significant change in organizations: 43% of all organizations are currently making changes to how they design and deploy information

Deriving value from analytics requires organizations to prepare data for use, but today’s explosion of data volumes, types and sources makes this challenging. Moreover, information must be placed in an operational context to be acted upon. Because current integration methods cannot address all these needs, the results often are inflexible systems and data sprawl.

Now, though, data preparation tools are available that enable virtualized access to multiple data sources, making it possible to deliver information promptly and in the appropriate contexts.


Your data, your way


Access data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources.


Easily combine and transform data into reusable, business-friendly virtual data models and views.


Make unified data easily consumable through open standards interfaces.

Red Hat JBoss BRMS


Fast, easy development of rules and logic

Red Hat® JBoss® BRMS is a comprehensive platform for business rules management, business resource optimization, and complex event processing (CEP). Organizations can incorporate sophisticated decision logic into line-of-business applications and quickly update underlying business rules as market conditions change. JBoss BRMS enables your organization to:

  • Deploy decision services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Improve business agility.
  • Make consistent and efficient decisions.
  • Quickly build resource optimization solutions.
  • Shorten development cycles for faster time to market.

JBoss BRMS includes web-based graphical tools that provide clear visibility into the rules that govern business applications. Simple metaphors, such as decision tables, scorecards, and domain-specific languages help IT and business users quickly create and change business rules.
Red Hat JBoss BRMS for xPaaS extends the capabilities to our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, OpenShift by Red Hat, for decision services in the cloud.

Weblogic to JBoss


Websphere to JBoss